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Why is Preschool Important?

The majority of brain development for children happens between ages 0-5. Preschool is a vital time for children to gain an awareness and understanding of themselves, learn to work with others, and begin to form a perception of the world around them.

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Congnative Development

Preschool is often a child's first interaction with any school. This interaction can form how they view and interact with any school throughout their educational career. Cognitively, the child's brain is setting a foundational understanding of language meaning/ structure, mathematical meanings, and scientific wondering to answer the always relevant question of-why? 

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Formation of Identity 

Preschool-aged children are also beginning to form their own identities. This includes gravitating towards different toys they enjoy, dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up, and deciding what role they want to play in their classroom community, i.e the one to make everyone laugh, the one to keep everyone in line and the one to make everyone feel better when they are sad. 

Image by Patty Brito

Social/Emotional Understanding

Now more than ever, social-emotional literacy and understanding are supported and encouraged in schools. In preschool, this looks like identifying facial features/actions that help us identify how that person may feel. Additionally, preschoolers work towards recognizing and naming their own emotions to help navigate themselves and the relationships with friends.

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